Chinese SUP boards from China
SUP China Stand Up paddle SUP boards supplier

News product in stock in warehouses in Guangzhou/Weihai
Send the order to my Viber, WatsApp, Telegram +79268278273
or Wechat: iurlov
or email:
I only work on prepayment 100%
Payment is possible in the following ways:
– Wechat/Alipay wallet (RMB)
– transfer Western Union (USD) to China (my name: Aleksandr iurlov)
– Singapore bank transfer (SGD)
– Hongkong bank transfer (HKD)
– Thailand bank transfer (Thai BAT)
– Russian bank (RUB)
Usually i order DHL. You pay for delivery. Price for SUP boards not inluding delivery fee! Its price in Guangzhou.
Delivery time depends on your location, but no more than 4 weeks
The shipment is made from Guangzhou.
All products are checked before shipment (by me personally).
I guarantee that i will check your SUP boards at the warehouse in Guangzhou, but I do not provide a guarantee while using SUP.
Any questions?